Haggis 2023

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Haggis 2023

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Winemaker notes:
Whole-berry ferment with native yeasts for 3 weeks under heavy co2. Minimal movement of juice to allow for a partial carbonic ferment, yielding tension, a slight hint of talc, good natural colour and body.

Jumping juice haggis wine is symbolic of all those exceptional people that never really found their place, until they found each other. The creatives on the very outskirts of a modern conformist society. Pure and detailed with bright juicy fruit, playful yet deadly serious. Raspberry, lychee, pineapple, with the faintest hint of talc touch.

Both Patrick and Xavier consider themselves ‘vineyard’ guys before winemakers, and they wanted the exchange between winemaker and farmer to be at the heart of jumping juice. It manifests in honest farming, with a deep respect for the nuances and rhythms of the site, along with the ongoing quest for inherent drinkability that the duo consider a central tenet in their wines. Above all, jumping juice is a prompt to embrace life; simply to be delicious and to act as a catalyst for carousing with the fine folks with whom you surround yourself.

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Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer
Alpine Valley, VIC
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