Yaaraan Ambrosia Pet Nat 2020


Yaaraan Ambrosia Pet Nat 2020

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Winemaker notes:
Yaaran is an Aboriginal name for Red River Gum. A medium-bodied honey with the sweetness slightly more dominant on the back palate, it tastes like dried peach. This comes from Pindjarup, south of Perth.

Biscuity aromatics with a hint of wax, the palate is weighted more towards the back with a delicate sour plum character, round tannins, drying phenolics and creamy texture. Versatile with vegetables, cooked seafood dishes and soft cheese. Fermented for 10 months on full lees then bottled with touch of remaining sugar for spritz (petillant naturel style). Apiculture by Sawyer’s Apiaries, made by Lou.

Pre-dating wine, ambrosia appears to be the first human-made alcoholic beverage in the archaeological record, appearing over 9000 years ago in China. The name “ambrosia” comes from the Ancient Greeks, who believed that their honey beverages conferred wisdom and longevity on those who drank them. While mead is traditionally made with the addition of beer yeast, our ambrosias are made with yeast spores that occur naturally in the honeys we work with, which we feel is an important aspect of our representations of terroir.

Each ambrosia is made with a minimal intervention approach of “nothing added, nothing taken away” and is bottled in a petillant natural style to create a light spritz in the bottle.

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Pindjarup, WA
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