Lucy M

Le Vilain Gris Pétillant 2021


Tasting notes:
Light, bubbly, fruity and fun. An easy drinker Pet Nat with a kick of fresh acidity. Lovely floral notes, apricots, honey dew and hay. A subtle sweetness hugs the tongue like a strawberry tart and finishes with guava. Smash this one on a hot day!

We ate with: Nothing else wanted or needed
We listened to:

Winemaker notes:
This is from Robert Surmann’s vineyard in Totness, which has 30-year-old vsp-trained and spur-pruned vines on black sandy soil overlying petrified schist. The grapes were destemmed and left to rest for four days to allow the juice to soak up the flavour, colour and a little tannin from the skins. It was then pressed to a 680L ceramic egg and fermented for two weeks until there was the perfect amount of sugar to finish in bottle with a good level of spritz. It was aged on lees in bottle for five months and then disgorged.

It's got a great salmon colour, bubbles over your tongue like gentle crystal water flowing over gravel pebbles. It has a delicate palate of fresh strawberries and white peach. Sooo Fun!

No added SO2.

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Pinot Gris
Mount Barker, SA
Juicy + Zingy

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