How's the Serenity Batch #2
How's the Serenity Batch #2

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How's the Serenity Batch #2

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A sparkling Producer notes:
A sparkling Australian Wild Ale made with foraged wild yeast*, naturally occurring souring bacteria*, organic malted schooner barley*, organic black patent malt*, organic raw sugar and Pride of Ringwood hops and brewers yeast. *indicates a product of New South Wales.

Entirely stainless steel fermentation, a higher starting gravity resulting in a more alcoholic beer (6.2%) and a higher dosage at bottling for a more effervescent drink.

The second batch of our love-at-first-taste tip of our hat to Coopers Sparkling. This beer is immediately ester driven, a crisp palate and earthy bitterness in spades. It's a near perfect beer for me, genuinely, and if I get my way, we will be making this cuvee for many years to come.

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Sparkling Ale
Marrickville, NSW
Crisp + Bitter
750 ml
Crown Cap