Konpira Maru

Gymkata (Syrah) 2021


Winemaker notes:
Tasting notes of strawberry and cream aromatics and a pallet of plum and rhubarb with lovely mid-palate tannin.

This is the 6th vintage of the mighty Gymkata Syrah. It will also mark our 8th viewing of Robert Clouse's masterpiece. Each year around release time we ensure we watch Kurt Thomas gracefully destroy opponents, harmoniously combining gymnastics and karate, creating his own unique weapon and martial arts style. Gymkata! Seriously inspirational stuff.

Looking back at this wine's conception, I have no idea what connection was made to associate the wine and the film and ultimately why we named a cuvee after it. I'm sure there is some hidden genius there somewhere.......

I can say with confidence, if our wine was a film, it would take out the Oscar, Golden Globe, Cannes triple header. A masterpiece of the ages, complex, thought provoking, life affirming genius. It would leave Magaret and David in tears, tears of joy.

✓ Dispatched next business day


Kilmore, VIC
Big + Bold
Crown Cap

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