'Everything is Free' 2022

Momento Mori

'Everything is Free' 2022

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Winemaker notes: 
This is a blend of Nero D’avola & Moscato Giallo. It is in the style of wine that enjoy drinking the most, a complex yet easy drinking light(er) red with great structure.

The fruit for this wine was grown on the slopes of the Mt Camel vineyard in Heathcote. These are very rocky, volcanic soils with a complex mix of Ironstone, Dolerite Green Basalt and Jasper which always imparts an abundance of minerality to the wines.

Each variety was handled separately, and fermentation took place in 100% stainless steel.

Both varieties were fermented using a semi-liquid carbonic method that I have been refining for the past 8 years and now feel I now have a good understanding of. This method allows good extraction of flavour and phenolics while keeping the wine on a leaner the side of things as opposed to over extracting tannins and overtly “fruit forward” flavours.

Balance has always been what I strive for most in a wine and this set of 2022’s has achieved that exceptionally well. This wine has great harmony between fruit, minerality and acidity.

Farmed strictly with organic principles and a appreciation of the living and dynamic environment around them. Momento Mori wines are all very small batch with no use of new oak or mechanical pumps used on the wines, no fining or filtering and no additions, including no S02 at any stage of wine making.

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Heathcote, VIC
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